Reappraising the risk society thesis

Anxieties of the Modern World: Assessing the Risk Society Thesis

Checks and balances of risk management: precautionary logic and the judiciary

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These are the classic narratives. What can social theory contribute to our understanding of the nature of modern risks and to debates about how such risks may be minimized and more justly distributed? We are facing enemies who are willing to destroy our future, without us knowing what we want this future to be about. In the first modernity, the growing control of human beings over nature generates constant progress. Risk-takers: Alcohol, drugs, sex and youth. The challenge to taken-for-granted assumptions and the scientific establishment of expertise is therefore, first of all, a political affair. It is against the backdrop of this homogenizing, undifferentiated understanding of risk society that the chapters in the first section are being presented.

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So, what is a risk society?

Reappraising the Risk Society Thesis. Telescopic Sight or Myopic Vision? Gabe Mythen. University of Liverpool abstract: In the last decade of the 20th century. Directly addressing these issues, this article offers a reappraisal of the risk society thesis in the light of the cultural preoccupations and dangers ascendant within.

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Rent Article. Your Access Options. Forgotten your password? Article available in:. Vol 55, Issue 6, Special Collection. Revisiting the Political Economy of Risk. Sociological Research Online. Communicating the terrorist risk: Harnessing a culture of fear? Gabe Mythen and more Crime, Media, Culture. Parrhesia: Accounting for different contemporary relations between ris Anna Anderson Journal of Sociology Sep Dangers, risks and threats: An alternative conceptualization to the ca Fabrizio Battistelli and more Current Sociology Jan Mette Anders Jensen Blok and more Merryn Ekberg.

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The Risk Society and Beyond: Critical Issues for Social Theory

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Reappraising the risk society thesis

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Sociology ShortCuts: Risk Society

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