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You feel a tension in America now between "us" and "them. It is "us" and those myriad groups that the public feels have disempowered them. Because bullying isn't just an issue for children any more. It is an issue - perhaps the issue - for everyone. As for "The Gift," on first blush, it doesn't seem much like a cultural parable. It stars Jason Bateman as Simon Callum, a successful young executive in a security firm, and Joel Edgerton, who also wrote and directed the film, as Gordon Mosley, a high school classmate of Simon's whose life has gone in the opposite direction.

Simon and his wife, Robyn played by Rebecca Hall - appear to have a perfect life: He has landed a big, new job, bought a fabulous new house and resettled in Los Angeles, the city where he grew up. Then a threat slowly emerges. The threat is Gordon, whom the couple meets by chance. He begins by leaving gifts at their door, then starts showing up at odd hours.

Simon finally decides to put a stop to it because, as he says, Gordo is a "weirdo. But it could be that what really rattles Simon is, as he tells Robyn, that Gordo is a loser. In a world that Simon clearly divides into those who win and those who don't, Gordo is on the other side of success. Simon doesn't deal with those sorts of folks. Denigrating Gordo, Simon may sound a bit like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who also divides the world into winners and losers.

But Trump is a beneficiary of something much larger in America that the film is onto: The United States is a winner and loser society. That is how most Americans think of it.

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We have long been told that anyone in this country who wants to succeed, can. Casting aside the increasing impediments to social mobility, such as high college tuition costs and the loss of high-paid, blue-collar jobs, the onus is entirely on the individual. Surveys show that Americans strongly believe it. In fact, among industrialized nations, Americans are the only people who believe that they have the power to determine their own destiny.

Yet, however much Americans espouse it, that belief is shakier than we let on. Many Americans increasingly feel, deep down, that the game is rigged.

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More about Essay on Winners and Losers in Globalization. Essay about Winners and Losers in Consumer The Pearl Essay; First Person Narrative in Red Sky. Globalization is an increasingly close international integration of markets for goods, services and factors of production, labor and capital. This multi-dimensional process has different impacts on different countries, depending on the level of economic development and political.

That the people who run this country - the economic, political and intellectual elites - get all the advantages. Average Joe can't win.

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We know people feel this way because they say so. It is what unites Tea Party activists and Senator Bernie Sanders' supporters, reactionaries and radicals.

watch Both sides rail at the abuse of power and the power of abuse. They may not agree on much, but they see themselves as victims of the same force: bullies. In "The Gift," Gordon, at first, seems to be trying to ingratiate himself with Simon, a condescending winner.

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The old communist ideological platform was completely delegitimized. Despite the complexity and contradictions in reform implementation, we must attend to its neoliberal platform and its impact on social norms. Although Russia is among the countries where globalization has had the least impact on the economy, in terms of liberalization, openness, and competition, we can hardly doubt that neoliberal discourse signifies the incorporation of that country into the global sphere, its catching up with modernization and orientation towards the developed Western world.

In countries where radical reforms are taking place, there are, and will always be, winners and losers, since the articulation of winning or losing always accompanies rapid and drastic changes. This approach is quite common in theorizing transition.

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I argue that the emergence of these narratives functioned as a crucial mechanism of legitimization of the radical social inequalities which emerged or were reproduced in the post-socialist period. In Eastern European post-socialist countries, the neoliberal discourse has transformed the content of ideology, but has not changed the nature and mechanisms of domination.

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