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Firsthand applicant reports from those who have visited a school. Travel tips, campus must-dos and more! October 9, am. May 2, am. April 3, am. Visit Details: I had recently been extended an interview invitation. I was in London for the week and visited campus 3x. Monday I had a coffee chat with a student near the campus. Wednesday I attended a class and afterwards got coffee with another student who was my "chaperone" throughout the day.

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On Friday I had a coffee chat with an admissions manager not mine because she was in NY. January 30, pm. Visit Details: The day included a tour of the campus and lunch with current students - this was very important in my decision to apply to HEC In-depth, independent profiles of every leading business school. Get the latest insider tips, news, deadlines, for your target schools. Essay 2 Values are what guide you in your life and work. If you find yourself struggling with how to answer this question, try this simple exercise: Write down the 15 to 20 most important events, accomplishments, interests, or experiences in your life.

Include the good, the bad, the astounding, the ugly, etc. Look at the list you have generated and try to determine the values that unify the important events, interests, and ideas in your life. Select a small number of diverse items from the list that best support a given value and use them to define your approach and kick off the drafting process for the essay. Re-applicant Essay Since your previous application, what steps have you taken to strengthen your candidacy? Additional Information Use this section if you think the person reviewing your application might have a few questions about one or more of your responses.

Clear Admit Northwestern Kellogg Interview Guide : learn what to expect and get ready to ace your interview with strategic advice and frequently-asked interview questions! Clear Admit LiveWire : admissions updates submitted in real time by applicants to Kellogg Clear Admit DecisionWire : school selections in real-time by admits to Kellogg. Product Reviews It's important for applicants to learn as much as they can about a program before applying so that they can find the program that is the best fit for them and present themselves in the best possible light.

The SOM School Guide does a really nice job of digging beneath the surface and pulling together a lot of useful information about the School in a way that can serve as a helpful resource during the pre-application due diligence process. I want to tip my hat to the team at Clear Admit that put these guides together. I'm a recent graduate of Wharton's MBA program and remain active in the admissions process serving as an alumni interviewer to evaluate applicants.

I can't tell you how important it is for applicants to show genuine enthusiasm for Wharton and I think the Clear Admit School Guide for Wharton captures many of the important details, as well as the spirit of the school. Accolades from a Wharton MBA graduate.

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Explore each step of the Kellogg Full-Time MBA Application process and apply today! We are thrilled you've decided to apply to Kellogg. Essay Questions. Our admissions process. Kellogg’s admissions team uses a holistic process to evaluate each applicant for the Evening & Weekend MBA Program. A complete application to the Evening & Weekend MBA Program includes the following components.

During the application process, I was successful partially because I learned as much as possible about each program before applying. Learning so much about every school was difficult - it required campus visits, web searches, and contact with current students. While no publication could ever completely replace those experiences, the Clear Admit guide comes awfully close.

Comments from a current HBS student. It is just awesome! It has all that I need - a veritable one-stop-shop for all my research needs. Thanks again!

Northwestern Kellogg MBA Essays: Analysis and Tips

Feedback from an HBS applicant. Applicants constantly hear that no two schools are alike, however, very little information exists where one can learn about these differences. Clear Admit does an excellent job in helping prospective applicants learn about individual schools through the School Guides, providing great information about specific schools in the context of how they compare to other schools on similar metrics.

Featured Products. Learn More. Updated for the admissions season. Ace your Kellogg interview! Firsthand accounts and frequently asked questions, accommodations in MBA ApplyWire. There are no set values that Kellogg excepts an applicant to demonstrate.

Kellogg Application Deadlines 2013 – 2014

Thus, the applicants need to focus on being authentic and sincere while writing the essay. Apart from the above two essay questions, all applicants have an additional space where they have an opportunity to provide explanations or clarification towards any information that requires special attention to the admissions committee.

It is advisable to use this section if you think the person reviewing your application might have a few questions regarding your responses in the application. For example, unexplained gaps in work or education, low GMAT score, or any circumstances that the Kellogg admission committee should know while reviewing your application. Learn how to overcome low GMAT score. This essay is not for you to retell your experiences or sum up your application.

Make sure that you address any shortfalls in your application and specify what steps have you taken towards rectifying the same. Reapplicant Essay question: Since your previous application, what steps have you taken to strengthen your candidacy?

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In addition to the above essay questions, re-applicants must write one more essay question. Under this essay, re-Applicants need to specify any developments that they have made in their application to Kellogg as compared to the previous time. Kellogg is looking for you to answer the following questions:.

Under this essay, you need to show Kellogg that you have been actively striving to improve yourself and your profile and how Kellogg MBA plays an essential role in your future goals and aspiration. After submitting your online application and paying the application fee, Kellogg will send you a video essay link that will appear on your application status page. The video applications are due 48 hours after the application deadline. The video essay provides an additional opportunity for the applicant to convey how they will contribute towards the Kellogg community and helps the admission committee in interactively knowing a person and not just on paper.

The questions are designed to help the applicant showcase their personality and share the experiences that brought them to pursue the Kellogg MBA program. This year the first video essay question is new and requires the applicant to introduce themselves to the Kellogg admission committee. The second and third video essay remains the same as the previous year. The video essay questions for Kellogg admissions are:. Here Kellogg wants to know what makes you, you?

For example, as stated by Poonam Tandon, you can discuss your cultural background, personal or professional goals, hobbies, motivation, and issues that interest you. The primary motive of this question is to know who you are. Kellogg Video Essay 2 — What path are you interested in pursuing, how will you get there, and why is this program right for you?

To answer this question, you need to understand why you are choosing the Kellogg MBA program. You should have comprehensive knowledge about the program and the resources that Kellogg provides to achieve your goals. Keep in mind to showcase your goals and align them with the offerings and resources at Kellogg.

Kellogg Video Essay 3 — Each of you will receive a randomly selected prompt, all of which have the same objective. You need to show how you handled a challenging situation in your career or personal life and learning from those challenges. Kellogg video essay 3 is typically an interview-style question generated randomly, but the theme of the essay will revolve around challenges that you have faced.

For example, Kellogg might ask you to tell about a time you failed to achieve a goal that you had set for yourself or about the time when you overcame an obstacle in the workplace. Keep in mind that there are two parts to this video essay where you not only need to talk about your challenges but also need to highlight the learning from those experiences.

To help you get comfortable with the video format and technology, Kellogg offers a set of practice questions that you can complete as many times as you like. Thus, it is advisable to practice as many times as you can. You should make sure that you include the essay prompt in bold at the top of their essay, and if you are uploading the document, then you are required to use point Times New Roman font, with 1. After submitting your online application and payment, a video essay link will appear on your application status page.

The video essays need to be submitted 48 hours after the application deadline, and you would require an internet-connected computer with a webcam, a microphone, and an updated version of adobe flash.

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Toggle navigation. Explain with a recent example where you have created value and demonstrated leadership. What are the values that are important to you, and how those values have influenced you? Optional and Re-applicant Essay Question: Analysis and Tips Apart from the above two essay questions, all applicants have an additional space where they have an opportunity to provide explanations or clarification towards any information that requires special attention to the admissions committee.

Kellogg is looking for you to answer the following questions: Whether you have improved your academic record Have you received any promotion?

Have you worked on a new project?