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The ELCA used language and interoperation of marriage to decide on sanctioning marriage with traditional biblical interpretation. The same goes for Islam and Hinduism, although in different ways. Hinduism, more so, listened to the time and space of the circumstance therefore finding it proper or fitting to agree or disagree with the legalization of same-sex marriage.

A Right to Marry? Same-sex Marriage and Constitutional Law | Dissent Magazine

Picking out verses and interpreting accordingly established their view on subject and others had no say. Often when it comes to religion, moral decision making is on the grounds of religious history and interpretation and conversations religious have with religious texts and other religious leaders that lead proper and just ways of dealing with moral issues. Skip to content While same-sex marriage became a hot topic following the decision of the Supreme Court, it became especially an interesting topic to discuss when it came to the major religious traditions.

The problem of sustainable development of society is directly related to the rapid mitigation of existing cultural differences between peoples in the foreseeable future since global ethics develops literally in front of us.

Alfred Kinsey’s Contribution

That is what you can add to your gay marriage essay intro. However, not all aspects of global ethics are indisputably positive in general and acceptable. In ancient Greece, in many later societies, same-sex intimate relationships were condemned, and in some even severely punished. But even then, apparently, there was some ineradicable group of people experiencing sexual attraction to people of their sex, regardless of how terrible the punishments could have been. Throughout history, the idea that people with non-traditional sexual orientation are different from other people arose again and again.

Philosophers and scientists invented names and explanations feelings, actions and attitudes: all kinds of concepts that try to grasp a feature and the nature of the essence underlying the proximity of non-traditional sexual orientation. In the gay rights argumentative essay you can state that personalities like Carl Ulrichs, John Eddington Symonds and Radcliffe Hall, described their homosexual experience as a process of disclosing certain forces within oneself.

During the next century half of the thousands of others will tell the same story about how they gradually realized that their sex life is concentrated around people of the same sex, and this attraction irresistible, passionate, emotionally filled no difference with how people describe their feelings with a heterosexual orientation.

Same-Sex Marriages Essay

Most people do not change their orientation with time but are they own personal property, the essence of whose spontaneously manifested from within following the same schedule, which is the subject to heterosexual development. With this in mind, we may, in a new light, look at the past and we will not be surprised when we find that non-traditionally oriented people have always existed - even before the very word "homosexuality" appeared. It is another good same-sex marriage essay introduction. For all people who are interested in human behavior, the "sexual essence" causes the desire to describe, what biologists call a substratum — that physical substance, within which this essence is present: hormonal systems, chromosomes, brain.

To write an argumentative essay on gay marriage, you should explore the biology. Many researchers are searching for this substrate, suggesting that sexual orientation may be considered not only as a psychological and behavioral, but also biological phenomenon. Understanding homosexuality is also necessary for the resolution of fundamental scientific issues. Genetics and neuroscientists are studying sexual activities to shed light on many of the problems in their scientific field. Scientists turned to the study of homosexuality, recognizing it as an "exception that confirms the rule," a variation that is a criterion for the validity of hypotheses about heredity, the links between sexuality and brain structure, and behavioral psychology.

The public also needs answers to questions about human relationship "nature and education. The LGBT person could be differently represented in different cultures. For most people in Ancient Greece homosexuality, was something like pleasant exhilarating digressions.

Elizabeth Warren's SHOCKING Marriage Equality Answer

As for our time, then twenty-five centuries of cultural change have shaped a world different from that in which the ancient Greeks lived. Therefore, we invented new words and concepts. Undoubtedly, a complete understanding of what homosexuality is will lead to a more reasonable and humane solution to this issue in our society. That is a good reason for creating the same-sex marriage paper. Learning the history of gay rights, you should mention Alfred Kinsey and read some of his works. His studies will help you understand the history of LGBT people and write a good research paper about gay marriage.

Alfred Kinsey, a biologist, lived most of his life on campus, surrounded by wheat fields of the American Midwest.

Same Sex Marriages

As Kinsey discovered, the existing work on human sexuality was irreparably corrupted by the prejudice of researchers regarding what to consider reasonable and unnormal in sexual behavior. He was amazed that non-traditional sexual addictions and masturbation were classified as "abnormal" and "pathological" phenomena without any investigation of what can be considered "normal". Those who made preliminary conclusions or formulated conclusions before objective research and analysis of the data aroused sharp criticism on his part.

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Throwing those roles out the window is equivalent to the moral breakdown of society. Preview and download the paper long before the deadline. Many students who come to our site want to know how fast we can deliver a completed paper to them. Topics of same-sex or same-sex marriage are very fragmented in today's society. Deadlines are sacred for our writers, with them you will never miss the submission date. Same Sex Marriage 5 Pages.

Kinsey began his study of human sexuality, collecting and writing stories about the intimate life of students who came to him for advice. According to it, ten percent of the men were "in greater or lesser degree exclusively homosexual in their orientation that is, they corresponded to the "5" or "6" marks. Kinsey also stressed that if the laws against homosexuality were applied to every LGBT person, then 6. In , another Kinsey report was published: "sexual behavior of a female human being.

In that work, Kinsey developed and more clearly articulated his ideas about homosexuality. For example, he said: "It is necessary to stress again that it is impossible to divide the number of people who are "homosexual" or "heterosexually" oriented. He also insisted: "A special feature of the human mind is its tendency to dichotomy when classifying phenomena Sexual behavior can be normal or abnormal, socially acceptable or unacceptable, heterosexual or LGBT. And many people do not want to believe that concerning these things there are transitions from one extreme step to another".

As in his first book, in "Sexual Behavior of the Human," Kinsey included explanatory lava, but this time he used survey data to formulate the main provisions. For example, he asked women, whether they "regret" their non-traditional sexual experience and most of the answers were negative. In the gay marriage persuasive essay note, that Kinsey stressed the normality of many of the respondents, noticing that there were "many confident personalities who felt happy and succeeding in their homosexual existence, have a good social and economic situation and, in many cases, were significant figures in public organizations " among them.

Kinsey continued to insist that the availability of and experience of sexual relations were the most critical factors of the formation of a person's sexual orientation:. There are many educated women among lesbians for whom the homosexual contacts were more accessible than heterosexual.

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Many of these women had difficulty maintaining heterosexual relationships or create a family while building a professional career. The psychiatric community did not accept Kinsey reports. His methods and analysis of statistics were criticized most often the data was taken out of context, to show their absurdity.

Practicing psychoanalysts used Freudian arguments to reject data that, they thought was provided by unbalanced LGBT individuals, "subconsciously" justifying their pathology, unintentionally inflating the scale of homosexuality during conversations. Psychiatrists claimed that Kinsey did not report the pathology of the people studied since he did not know how to detect it. That is, through his fault, that he did not psychoanalyze his interlocutors, but only asked them about sexual experiences.

That is important info to include in your persuasive essay against gay marriage.

Just after nearly thirty years, the American psychiatry began to understand what the Kinsey studies demonstrated: homosexuality was a common occurrence for many people at certain stages of their lives and it can not be considered as an evidence of a severe mental disorder. Throughout the millennium, the Church, and then the psychiatric establishments kept instructing the society about what is moral and normal in sexual matters, and homosexuality was absent in their lists. The fear of homosexuals has so deeply penetrated the theology, law, and medicine, that expressing doubts about the validity of such views was regarded as something absurd and scandalous.

But, like other pioneers of science, Kinsey paved the path along which the others followed. In the papers on gay marriage note, that Kinsey was a scientist-behaviorist, who classified the characteristics of ordinary people, unlike physicians who examined patients with the compromised psyche, who needed treatment.

Instead of looking for the research material among the unhappy and unbalanced LGBT people, inmates of prisons and psychiatric clinics, he applied strict scientific methods to study the sexuality of people with the normal psyche. The methods he used and the results he obtained convinced the future researchers to choose the ordinary people with a non-traditional sexual orientation as an object of a study, rather than using prisoners and patients with psychological problems. As more and more scientists were listening to this call, the study of homosexuality was released from false prejudices.

Truly scientific theories of homosexuality began to appear. The theme of the LGBT community is broad, and there are many possible same-sex marriage essay examples. You can write about Sigmund Freud, who kept convincing that it was impossible to "remove" homosexuality and replace it with heterosexuality. In the study, devoted to a young lesbian, he wrote: "In general, we can say that the attempt to transform fully formed homosexual into a heterosexual, most likely will be unsuccessful, except for those cases when a person has no experience of sexual relations.

Attempts by the psychoanalysts to build and put together the Freud's ideas on homosexuality were not successful, and their conclusions fall apart when studied carefully.

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The word "homosexuality" did not exist until when It first appeared in a pamphlet written in the form of an open letter to the Minister of Justice of Germany. When the new criminal code of the North-German Union was developed, there was a debate about the retention of an article in it from Penal Code of Prussia, according to which sexual contact between persons of the same sex was considered a crime. The author of the pamphlet, Karl Maria Kertbeny , was one of the scientists, writers, and lawyers who initiated the development of sexual orientation ideas.